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Everyone deserves a diamond facial

It’s been a long week and sometimes all we’re waiting for is the weekend… Besides making plans to run errands or hang out with family & friends, don’t forget to make time to pamper yourself too- you deserve it (your skin says so).

After all that hard work, you definitely deserve to indulge in nothing but.. Diamonds! On your face. Yes, we’re talking about a Diamond Facial, and not the rocks displayed at Tiffany’s, you can’t go there every weekend- so we have a facial for your sparkly fix.

Here’s how TBF’s Diamond Facial works. Micro-crystals are gently massaged onto your face with a calm exfoliating action. This luxuriously evens out your complexion, removing all the little impurities and results in a fresh and vibrant You. ‘Microdermabrasion’ revitalises with virtually no side effects, thanks to these mild and non-allergenic crystals treating your precious skin.

And no worries, Diamonds are tough but they aren’t rough. The Diamond Facial is not a painful treatment in any way, but does have a slight warming sensation because of the friction removing old layers of skin. You’re gonna need this to revive that radiance.

Just like how delicate gold jewellery complements a gorgeous diamond ring, TBF’s Gold mask will perfectly round up your Diamond Facial experience. With anti-ageing & collagen boosting properties, the Gold Mask enhances the youthfulness of your complexion.

This is our lavish gift for you this festive season:

The Body Firm’s Diamond Facial (u.p. $170) + Gold Mask (u.p. $150) at only $188 (total worth $320).

Just let us know you want the ‘Diamond & Gold package’ when you book your appointment HERE.

Pretty, pretty, decadent!

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