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Choosing the Right Facial

A facial promises a session of pure pampering, and fresh, glowing skin that gains you compliments. However, if you look into a spa or beauty salon menu, you'll find yourself staring at a stressfully vast number of facials. If you've ever had doubts about which one's right for you, then read on. We've broken it down to the basics, so you know which to choose.


Why You Should Be Getting Regular Facials

Facials come with so many benefits, that they must be included into your beauty routine. Just make sure you get a professional facial, because it's an experience you really can't recreate at home with your DIY peels and masks and scrubs. If you want some convincing reasons why you should get regular professional facials, read on!


Summer, Set, Glow: 5 Essential Skin Tips

There’s only one way you can enjoy the summer – unselfconsciously! You can’t savour the glorious sun, the surf and the sand completely if you’re wondering and worrying about those pimples on your back, your cellulite dimples, or angry razor burns. What’s awesome is that achieving smooth, attractive skin isn’t impossible; it just requires a little prep work. Slip into your string bikini with renewed confidence with these summer beauty tips.


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