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Little Black Dress Challenge: Halfway Point

I can’t believe that I am already halfway through my first Little Black Dress Challenge. It has been fun so far and very rewarding. I am already starting to think about Part II of this challenge, but that will be in 2016. Please read below what I have achieved and experienced this week.

Passion fruit is one of my favourite fruit. Especially when I can enjoy it fresh from the tree to my plate, after an intense workout session. The sweet sour taste is so refreshing. Passion fruit is also high in Vitamin C (which protects the immune system), Vitamin A (which is good for the eyes and does wonders for the skin) and Potassium (which regulates heart rates and helps control the blood pressure).

As I mentioned in my previous blog posts, I do not want to cut out a complete food group during this challenge. I am eating my daily dose of 2-3 pieces of fruit.

I do watch the GI and GL index though. So I am careful with banana, pineapple and watermelon (high to medium GI), but indulge on kiwis, strawberries and pears (low GI).

This week, I did the muscle toning treatment, our signature system, twice. I always follow my body toning session with the radio frequency system Apollo Tripollar. The toning treatment is not my favourite as it is very intense. It does not hurt at all, but the contraction of the muscles is quite strong and visible. The good thing about that is: you can see it works, because your muscles are actually moving! Not only can I see that they are truly toning up, but also that they are getting stronger. On the other hand, the Apollo Tripollar is like a sweet desert: it is warm and comfy and it tightens the skin. It also increases metabolism. I will continue these combined treatments the next coming 3 weeks.

I finished my week with a double chin treatment. I am really looking forward to those results as well!

The Body Firm Weekend Activity

I took up all my sport activities to the next level: I biked further and faster, I did an extra round of walking the trail at MacRitchie, I played tennis longer (well, maybe that one was because I could not win faster;-) and I did my strengthening training at the gym. I can feel my body is getting strong, but also tired. I did a lot of reading and next week I am going to try to do shorter but more intense workouts – the so called High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). There are many apps that you can download that give you a HIIT training. It is usually about 10-12 minutes of very intense burst of exercise followed by short (some time active) recovery periods. There are lots of examples on YouTube as well. Google it or drop me an e-mail if you want more information: Marianne(@)

The Body Firm Little Black Dress Challenge Reduce fat Percentage

I am halfway through my body transformation challenge and that means it is time to face facts and look at some measurements. As I said earlier, the number of kilos you lose does not matter the most. The fat %, the body measurements and the way your clothes are fitting you are more important. So let’s have a look at my results…

The Body Firm LBD Challenge Halfway Results

*Disclaimer: Each individual’s treatment and/or results may vary from person to person depending upon many variables such as age, gender and lifestyle. Testimonials within this site are not intended as a guarantee as to outcomes.

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