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My Little Black Dress Challenge Week Two

The second week of my Little Black Dress Challenge has come and passed.

I’m very happy with my body transformation* progress so far; but I have to admit that week 2 was more challenging than the first week. I had to face and fight so many temptations in one week… Lovely BBQ’s, where I had to say no to satay overloaded with yummy (greasy) peanut sauce. Dinner parties, where I had to inform the hostess in advance about my LBD challenge and tell her that I would not eat that delicious curry with coconut milk. Toasting with a glass of sparkling water at the “Friday after work drinks” with my friends whose glasses were filled with sparkling wine. But I did it and stuck to the plan. I chose healthy food and healthy drinks and followed my workout plan.

Please read below this week adventure…

Have a look at these deliciously home made soups. When I come home from work, I am usually quite hungry and craving for something savoury. Luckily, I do not have a sweet tooth. These pictures show you my home made tomato, broccoli and red pepper soup. Low in calories and very tasty. I only have to watch that there is not too much stock inside as this makes it too salty which can lead to water retention. Anyway, this is a great choice for a healthy “snack”.

Last week, I started some sessions of our body toning system in combination with our radio frequency system. We have used the body toning system since the start of The Body Firm in 2007 and although it may not be the most trendy system, it does work wonder and delivers visible results*. I chose to work specifically on my abs, waist, buttocks and thighs. I did two sessions last week and honestly, I can feel my waist has shrunk*! Hurray!

To complement this body toning treatment, I followed with the radio frequency system. This system increases the metabolism of the fat cells (so they get smaller) while stimulating the production of collagen for tighter and smoother-looking skin. It is also a very comfortable treatment. My favourite!

There are plenty of information and data estimations online on how many calories you burn while playing a certain kind of sport. Tennis, for example, is said to burn about 200 to 500* calories per hour: a very general number that does not say much. The fact of the matter is that it really depends on how actively you do your sport. If you play singles and have a 3-set match you obviously burn more calories than if you play recreational doubles. I am a firm believer that if you play your sport, you have to give it all. Don’t go to the gym with a book or your tablet and stride relaxed on the cross trainer. Put on some music and go for it for 45 minutes! Push harder every time you do it, or do an extra 5-10 minutes each time you go. Only if you give it your best, will you see real results.

Overall, I am looking back to a good week 2 of my body transformation challenge. I did lose a few more kilos* and I am curious to discover what my fat percentage is now.

Next week, I am going te measure my fat % and my body measurements. I will share the results with you! And I have good faith: In just two short weeks I’ve already noticed that my clothes are starting to fit me better. And I can’t wait to see how I’m able to push myself further next week.

Keep following me! I will keep you posted!


*Disclaimer: Each individual’s treatment and/or results may vary from person to person depending upon many variables such as age, gender and lifestyle. Testimonials within this site are not intended as a guarantee as to outcomes..

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