Pre-Natal Total Wellness Massage – beneficial to both mother and baby by reducing stress as the body changes throughout the pregnancy. This treatment is offered during the second and trimesters only, following physician consent. Special bolstering is used to facilitate a comfortable and safe session.

$128 per 60 minutes
$158 per 90 minutes

Home Services
$168 per 60 minutes
$198 per 90 minute

Post Natal Massage – Postnatal or postpartum massage helps to relax the whole body of new moms. As the body of a new mom is subject to enormous strain, sleeplessness and pressure during childbirth, massage with an adequate pressure helps to relax those strained muscles, improves blood circulation, boosts up breastmilk production, induces good sleep, lightens stretch marks, reduces water weight, exfoliates the skin as well as reduces stress hormones. Stomach binding or “Bengkung” plus natural herb are included after massage.

Only Home Services
$138 per 90 minutes
$168 per 120 minutes

Baby Massage – A relaxing and soft massage to relieve babies from discomfort. Pediatric Massage is a complementary and alternative, green treatment that is done for children without the need of needles and medications. It supports digestive systems, relieves colic and treats respiratory problem as well. It improves appetite, stimulates brain development and boosts immunity to ensure better health for now and future.

Home Services
$60 per 60 minutes

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