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Shape-Up for Summer

Swimwear season is here and it’s time to contemplate that very important question – are you beach body ready? If the answer’s yes, then super! If no, then it’s time to drop a few kilos, trim a few inches, bust some cellulite and work your way into a fabulous figure! Of course, you’re going to have to make the most of your workout over the few remaining weeks. After all, you do want to look great and feel awesome in that beachwear, don’t you?

Most often, the biggest hurdle you might face in reaching your goal, is you. Procrastination and excuses won’t work. Nor will an “I’ll try” attitude. Say “I will!”, and roll with it! Tracking your food intake and exercise is also essential for accountability, self-motivation and staying on track.

Considering you’re short on time, here are a few tips to help you maximise your workout.

Pick Up the Pace

Make your exercise graph dance with alternating high and low-intensity workouts. Interval training is a quicker, cleverer route to a great figure! So, burn fat faster on the treadmill by sprinting for one minute and then slowing down for the next three, instead of maintaining the same, steady pace throughout.

Lift Your Game

Whoever told you cardio was everything, was misinformed. You must incorporate resistance training into your workout to boost your metabolism so you can get in shape – and then stay there! A proper warm-up is necessary before you lift weights, and make sure your workout includes different functional exercises at varying intensities.

Work Out With Friends

It also definitely helps to tread this path with friends. In fact, it’s been scientifically proven. Results of a study by The Journal of Consulting and Clinical psychology showed that 95% of those who began a weight loss programme with friends saw it to completion, compared to the 76% who tried it alone. Workout buddies were also 42% more likely to maintain their weight loss. Stay motivated by your group!

Tone Your Problem Areas

Extra weight mostly chooses to settle in your belly or your butt, so make sure you incorporate at least one sculpting session into your workout per week, to focus on these problem areas. Contrary to popular opinion, crunches and squats aren’t as successful in removing that flab as pilates. Pilates shakes things up with various moves that tone your trouble zones. Variety is key to eliminating stubborn fat.

If you don’t have the time for regular workouts at the gym, then there’s always another way. At The Body Firm, we specialise in body shaping through cutting-edge, revolutionary techniques from Europe. Our non-invasive treatments for both men and women will have you leaner, slimmer and summer-ready in just a few sessions.

If you’re unsure about what ‘non-invasive’ entails, here’s the lowdown. It’s a non-surgical treatment that helps remove the excess fat in the body. It’s as effective as surgical techniques and reflects admirable results after a few sessions, so it’s preferred by many. The best thing is that it’s painless and has no side-effects whatsoever. Non-invasive techniques also reinforce natural functions of the body, such as metabolism, keeping you slim and svelte.

The Body Firm delights in applying its revolutionary shaping treatments to transform your body into your desired silhouette!

Tone Up

Watch in awe as The Body Firm’s Toning System, using a unique square waveform technology, carves your body into a sexy silhouette. The system simulates exercise conditions such that a 25-minute session is equivalent to a 4-hour workout. Saves time, gives you results…what a win!

Lose Fat

If liposuction sounds good, but you don’t want that knife anywhere near you, then I-Lipo is the answer. It’s a safe and highly effective non-invasive system that will introduce you to a slimmer, toned you, sooner than you’d expect!

Tighten Your Skin

Say hello to Apollo Tripollar, the world’s most advanced radio frequency (RF) technology that provides a bouquet of desirable long-term results in skin tightening and rejuvenation, body contouring, wrinkle reduction and stretch mark improvement.

Bid Cellulite Goodbye

No more dimpled skin and unsightly cellulite for you! At The Body Firm, we provide professional, cutting edge treatments for skin that’s toned, smooth and attractive. The Soft Silicone Cupping Therapy is one such that attends to the root of the problem and activates the lymphatic system with a reverse deep tissue massage technique. Add to this an effective anti-cellulite massage, and you know that the perfect summer body you’ve been dreaming of is just a few sessions away!

Slim Summer The Body Firm Singapore

So there you have it – the road that leads to an envious beach body. It’s your turn now to get up and get going, until you step out in the sun looking like a summer goddess!

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