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Souping – The New Juicing

Your mother had it right all along when she insisted that vegetables were good for you. But even she couldn’t have guessed that one day, these same humble veggies would be trending on the diet scene.

Introducing souping, the new smart answer to detox, cleansing and weight loss! What juicing claimed to do earlier, souping can now do in a new, improved way. For starters, it’s low in sugars, and it’ll keep you satiated and feeling full through the day. And while it provides the same, much-needed rest to your digestive system, you won’t have the sugar spikes, dizzy spells, hunger pangs or the headaches that tend to accompany juicing.

Souping and Its Benefits

Souping is a satisfying means of nourishing your body through delicious nutrient-dense and fibre-rich vegetable and fruit soups through the day. It’s essentially a short-term cleansing process that simultaneously nourishes your body, detoxifies it and provides numerous other health benefits such as glowing skin and silky hair, reduced stress, increased energy, reduced inflammation and enhanced circulation and immunity.

This trend may be traced back to a Los Angeles-based company, Soupure, which claims that souping will help your skin glow, streamline your body, and give you an all-new energy and vitality that will make you love life! But even so, no one can refute the goodness of vegetables and fruits, and the nutrient-packed power punch that they deliver.

The Content

As the name suggests, it’s a soup-only diet. But there’s variety that comes from the various vegetables and fruits that could go into making it, the light, healing broths, the warm soups and the chilled ones. Of course, you’ll have to avoid foods such as coffee, soda, dairy, alcohol, wheat, processed, dried and tinned foods, although cucumbers, celery and pumpkin seeds may be consumed.

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Duration and Frequency

A 24-hour, 3-day or 5-day cleanse is generally recommended by Soupure, Dr. Oz, and Elina Fuhrman, author of Soupelina’s Soup Cleanse. During a 24-hour cleanse, you’ll have five raw soups per day. However, for a 3-day and 5-day cleanse, you’ll have three soups, one for each meal, with two light broths to keep you going in-between. Eating every three hours is best, to keep your metabolism firing.

The 24-hour cleanse is a quick way to recharge your body immediately and is perfect for people who don’t have the time. The 3-day cleanse goes one step further to strengthen your digestive system and boost your system’s natural processes for flushing out toxins. However, the 5-day cleanse carries the most benefits, with weight loss and reduction in headaches.

You can choose to follow this, or design your own souping menu based on your favourite flavours, and the duration that may extend to a few days.

Souping is ideally carried out four times a year.

Souping or Juicing?

While juicing has its own benefits, souping presents a few compelling reasons why you should choose it over juicing.

  • Soups are more satiating than juice, so you won’t feel hungry anytime soon
  • Their lower glycemic index, as compared to juices, helps stabilise blood sugar levels
  • Soups contain fibre, a vital component that supports detoxification and improves elimination
  • No rebound weight-gain
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Why Souping is a Hit

Souping is becoming increasingly popular for a number of reasons, all of which have to do with the myriad benefits of soup.

Soups help you lose weight

Yes, and it’s all thanks to the slowly digested fibre that keeps you feeling full, and prevents unnecessary snacking. A Penn State University study also found that eating a low calorie soup as a starter resulted in an overall 20% reduction in calorie intake. So the next time you have a meal, begin with a soup, and you’ll find you won’t dive into your main with the same gusto that you otherwise would!

Soups are highly nutritious

Loaded with veggies and packed with nutrients, soups give you the advantage of concentrating more servings of the good stuff into a single meal.

Soups can keep the flu away

You already know that soups can help fight a cold, but here’s the kicker – they can help prevent one too! Research conducted by the Nebraska Medical Centre found that chicken soup helped suppress the inflammation that caused flu, thereby warding it away. So, drink up!

Souping won’t leave you feeling deprived

If you’ve tried juicing, you’ll know that it leaves you feeling hungry soon after, and deprived too. Soups however, keep you satiated longer.

Souping Detox The Body Firm Singapore

Whether your goal is to detox, lose weight or cleanse, there are a variety of soup-er delicious soups you can enjoy, so you never feel bored or deprived. So get creative and try some simple, lip-smacking recipes to see you through your souping, and to keep you looking forward to your next cleansing session.

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