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Summer, Set, Glow: 5 Essential Skin Tips

There’s only one way you can enjoy the summer – unselfconsciously! You can’t savour the glorious sun, the surf and the sand completely if you’re wondering and worrying about those pimples on your back, your cellulite dimples, or angry razor burns. What’s awesome is that achieving smooth, attractive skin isn’t impossible; it just requires a little prep work. Then, you can slip into your string bikini and strappy sandals with renewed confidence.

1. Bust That Cellulite

The good news is, you can effectively banish those unsightly skin dimples. While there are various products that hide cellulite, like creams and fake tans, you should consult qualified therapists to undergo more effective, non-invasive treatments and massages for a skin that’s toned, taut and totally flaunt-worthy. Contact us at The Body Firm for professional, cutting edge cellulite treatments.

2. Banish Body Hair

Swimsuit season is here, and it’s time to clean up your hairy act. If you’re in a hurry, shaving is often your answer. But then again, it’s a very short-term fix that demands frequent repetition.
Waxing, on the other hand, stunts hair growth and keeps skin hair-free for a longer time. You could go for hot wax, which is spread in a thick layer on your skin and allowed to dry before being gently peeled away. Hot wax grips the hair rather than skin, making it suitable for peeling off coarser hair like the underarms and bikini line. Hot wax is also highly effective at removing shorter hair including facial hair and re-growth.
If you’re looking to remove the fine hair on your arms, legs and eyebrows, try strip waxing, where the unwanted hair is removed by using strips of cloth over a thin layer of wax on the skin and ripping them off in a swift motion. For best effect, use a combination of both for specific areas. You may experience some soreness, or notice small bumps or redness, but these are normal temporary reactions. As for the “ouch” factor…well, no pain, no gain!

For those few stray hairs, try plucking, preferably after a warm shower when the skin is softer.

Want to be done with body hair once and for all? You can choose between the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Dynamic Pulsed Light (DPL) technologies. If you’re smart, you’ll go with DPL because DPL targets the black pigments in hair and destroys the hair and surrounding follicle from the root. Combining IPL technology with laser power source, DPL is also a faster, stronger and more advanced technique.
Its cool tip technology to avoid burning the skin makes it your best non-invasive yet effective hair removal solution.

3. Stay Hydrated

This one’s a no-brainer. You need to keep your body charged with lots of water and fluids to moisturize your skin from the inside out, keeping it supple and youthful. Also, take short lukewarm showers and finish off with a cool rinse. Hot water draws moisture from the skin and leaves it feeling flaky and dry. And of course, wherever you go, keep that bottle of water handy and just keep sipping.

4. Exfoliate

This is an absolute must for healthy skin. Exfoliate using gentle, circular motions across your entire body with a body brush or a refreshing sugar scrub to remove dead skin, and unearth the fresh, flawless skin underneath.

5. Break Free from Breakouts

Breakouts are simply annoying. Especially during summer when you want unblemished, flawless skin. Use a foaming face wash to rid your face of dirt, sweat and leftover makeup and sunscreen.
Book regular professional facial treatments to improve your skin’s texture and get glowing. Choosing your facial treatment is like choosing your destination; whatever facial you choose, you are promised a healthier, younger-looking skin. The Body Firm offers a wide range of premium facials for all skin types and conditions.

Now you know how to rid yourself of these beach bummers, revel in the confidence that comes from healthy, glowing skin and get set…go out!

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