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Why You Should Be Getting Regular Facials

For the longest time now, facials have been regarded either as an indulgence or a beauty treatment in preparation for a special event. But now, the thinking has changed. Facials come with so many benefits, that they must be included into your beauty routine. Just make sure you get a professional facial, because it’s an experience you really can’t recreate at home with your DIY peels and masks and scrubs. If you want some convincing reasons why you should get regular professional facials, read on!

1. Professional Skin Analysis

It might come as a surprise to know that your skin changes with age, weather, even hormones, and the skincare products you’re using may or may not be suitable for these changing skin types. So, it’s best that you get your skin assessed by a professional beautician who can diagnose issues using specialised tools, and advise you on the best skincare products and treatments. If you have qualms about the price tag on these, remember that professional treatments render professional results.

2. Personalised Recommendations and Treatments

Choosing your facial treatment is like choosing a mini-vacation destination for your skin. When it comes to skincare, one size doesn’t fit all. Which is why you can’t solely rely on off the shelf treatments. You’d best meet a beauty therapist who will determine your skin type, assess your skin concerns, if any, and recommend the best facial or course of treatment.

3. Deep Cleansing

You can’t do at home, what professionals can accomplish with professional devices in a controlled setting. Proper cleansing will not just clean out your pores, but make your skin appear fresh and rejuvenated.

4. Easy Extractions

We’ve all picked at pimples and tried gouging out blackheads on our own, and an unlucky bunch of us have the scars to prove it! It’s a shame, really, because the scarring and acne flare-ups can be avoided by simply letting a professional handle this delicate job in a hygienic way. Beauty therapists are equipped to look for and treat complex skin issues that you may be tempted to tackle yourself. So don’t give yourself unwanted scars or skin damage.

5. Cutting Edge Treatments

Certain facials use cutting edge technology that can only be used in a salon. Whether it’s the LED light therapy or Microdermabrasion treatment, there’s no way you can pull it off yourself, at home. So walk into The Body FIrm, and let us do what we do best!

6. High Quality Skincare

Get expert advice and you’ll know exactly which skincare products to use. Since most high quality skincare product lines sell directly to day spas or medical spas where beauticians understand the science and use of the products, you’ll be able to gain a complete understanding of the same products and their efficiency in targeting your skin issues.

7. Prevent Skin Problems

Most of us don’t think about skincare until we absolutely require it. However, if you get regular facials, then problems can be completely avoided. So if you’re having issues with your skin, get it checked by a specialist. That won’t just take care of the problem, it’ll prevent others as well.

8. Relax

Lie down and unwind. You know you don’t need to be told twice to get yourself a soothing massage! It’s especially perfect when most facials include a massage of the scalp, face and décolletage. It isn’t just deeply relaxing, but it promotes circulation and helps flush out toxins. The end result? Skin that has a youthful glow!

9. Healthy Complexion

Masks and peels are the best way to rehydrate the skin, decongest it, or remove a tan. Make sure you routinely get a facial that incorporates them, to get a fresher, healthier complexion.

10. Anti-aging

The elixir of life may be a myth, but facials are as close as you can come to looking younger and feeling fresher, even as you age. Facials boost collagen production, promote cell turnover and help maintain healthy skin, all of which are excellent anti-aging techniques.

So there you have it. It doesn’t matter if you have flawless skin, or are plagued by skin problems. It’s beneficial, almost necessary to have regular facials if you want skin that’s younger, fresher and firmer. So go ahead, book an appointment, and take that step towards glowing confidence and healthy skin!

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